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Are you a behavioral health professional passionate about helping students access their education? If so and you want to move forward in your behavioral health career, Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) can help. We offer placements in our partnering school districts for the roles below.

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What are the Benefits of Working as a School-Based COTA Alongside PTS?​

The Role of School-Based Behavioral Health Professionals

All behavior has a meaning and purpose. As a behavioral health specialist, you use observation and assessments to understand the root causes and develop interventions that encourage socially appropriate replacement behaviors.

From supporting students living on the Autism spectrum to addressing school-refusal issues, you play a key part in helping students achieve socially and scholastically.

What Sets PTS Apart?

At PTS, we don’t just place you in a school, we go with you. Once you begin working alongside us as an independent contractor, you will continue to have access to support from one of our Clinical Directors as well as:

We also facilitate a collaborative team environment and act as a bridge of communication between you, other service providers, support staff, teachers, and administrators. This helps ensure that students get the most out of every behavioral health intervention and make greater strides more quickly.

Our Integrated Systems of Support Model

In our partnering districts, we apply an Integrated Systems of Support Model to all related services. This consultative approach creates more inclusive interventions and classrooms by integrating services and treatment sessions across all disciplines.

Our Integrated Systems of Support Model​

Apply for School-Based Behavioral Health Opportunities Today

Whether you are a seasoned behavioral health consultant or just starting out in your career, PTS can help you move forward and achieve your goals. Learn more about working alongside us as an independent contractor and check out the current opportunities in our partnering schools today!