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Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) is a school-based therapeutic staffing agency that places qualified therapists within special education programs at our partnering districts. We have an ever-growing network of independent contractor clinicians and trusting, long-term relationships with schools around the country.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance education and progress for every student, one school at a time, by transforming classrooms into therapeutic ecosystems. As we apply our integrated approach to related services, we aim to become the leading provider of education-based therapy solutions.

Who is PTS?

Who is PTS?​

In 1998, Diana Fongheiser and Pam Hackett, MPT, founded PTS to create a new kind of staffing agency that went above and beyond the norm. Since then, PTS has continuously led the related services field in new directions that maximize therapy resources and improve outcomes for every student.

What We Do

What We Do​

We’re the helpers of the helpers—administrators, clinicians, and educators. Our goal is to facilitate communication and collaboration across all school-based care teams, so students receive the best possible support in the least restrictive environment.

Engaging With PTS as a School-Based Clinician

We take a collaborative approach that gives school-based therapists access to continual learning opportunities from other clinicians. By coordinating services with other providers, the pediatric therapists who work alongside us can better meet the needs of each student.

We provide independent contractors with ongoing access to the tools they need, including guidance from Clinical Directors and an extensive collection of clinician-designed resources and school-based interventions.

Going a Step Beyond: Supporting School Administrators

Students receive the best support when their schools have the resources to meet their needs. That’s why PTS goes a step beyond providing qualified therapists and comprehensive therapeutic services.

We also continue to support our partnering schools with day-to-day therapist supervision, as well as tools to help them reduce their budget while improving their special education program overall.

Support by Clinical Directors

Our Clinical Directors provide clinical and administrative support to both therapists and school administrators to ensure a seamless delivery of services in compliance with all state and federal guidelines. By continually engaging with our partnering schools, we’re able to maintain our unparalleled commitment to hands-on customer service.

Support by Clinical Directors​


Our proprietary BudgetWatch™ tool provides a data-driven approach to managing your related services team. By keeping an eye on the data, you can better manage therapist caseloads while also containing your program costs. BudgetWatch™ Summary Reports can help you:

  • Compare trends from year to year
  • Identify areas in need of additional teacher training
  • Build a long-term picture of your special education program
  • Maintain compliance

PTS in the Community and Internationally

We’re also affiliated with national organizations, including the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Our community partnerships include:

  • Special Olympics of Pennsylvania
  • Various educational foundations at public schools throughout the region.
  • Beautiful Gates Special School for children with disabilities in Mysore, India, where we provide both clinical and financial support.

Pam Hackett, MPT, one of the co-founders of PTS, who is now retired, also provided training for teachers in more than 17 countries through Edify, a network of private schools in developing countries. Additionally, she traveled to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Belize to conduct in-person teacher conferences on supporting students with special needs.