BudgetWatch™ Technology

Do you want a simple way to analyze costs, referrals, and special education processes in your school district? When you partner with Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), you gain access to our award-winning BudgetWatch™ analytics software. It gives you the data to drive real, positive change for your students while reducing costs in the long term.

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High-Performance Analytics

If you can identify big cost drivers, you can prevent increases from happening. We provide administrators at our partnering schools with a sophisticated analysis of all relevant program data at no additional cost to the district.

With careful analysis by PTS’s Clinical Directors, you can detect the sources of potential cost increases far enough in advance to take decisive action that prevents or mitigates an undesirable outcome. This allows you to maximize the productivity of your therapy team and help more students while staying within budget.

High-Performance Analytics
Strategic Implementation​

Strategic Implementation

When BudgetWatch™ helps us uncover a potential cost-savings opportunity or financial concern, PTS recommends proven initiatives to address challenges, such as excessive or inaccurate referrals, unchecked caseload growth, or decreasing therapist efficiency.

By analyzing the data, our Clinical Directors get to the root cause of the issue. Then, they equip teachers with pre-referral, classroom intervention strategies to support students without referring them to related services. Doing this:

Compliance Assurance

BudgetWatch™ also helps reduce the time you spend on compliance reporting. That’s because our Cost-Per-Child Reports provide administrators with a permanent attendance and service record for every student PTS serves.

This report enables you to track Individualized Education Plan (IEP) compliance and document the real cost of each student because it itemizes every minute of billing applied to a specific child by category, date, and therapy type.

Fine Motor Skills

Maintain Quality of Care While Containing Costs with BudgetWatch™

BudgetWatch™ makes it easier to analyze key program metrics and save money—without any additional work for teachers and administrators. PTS can collaborate with you on multiple strategies to leverage those savings and help even more students at a lower cost. Contact us today for more information!