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Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) takes a unique management approach that we call the Four Pillars of Management. These pillars that make up our team allow us to provide the most value to schools and therapists while maximizing the benefits and quality of services that the students in our partnering districts receive.

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Both now retired, Pamela Hackett, MPT, and Diana Fongheiser, co-founded PTS over 25 years ago. Diana applied decades of business administration experience and well-established entrepreneurial education management expertise, while Pam brought an extensive clinical background in physical therapy, which she applied in the classroom as a school-based therapist.

Together, they transformed the traditional model of school therapy by creating the approach that PTS still uses today. We also continue to fill our current leadership positions with experienced pediatric school-based clinicians.

Pillar One: Clinical Directors

Our Clinical Directors have also all been school-based clinicians themselves. Drawing on their expertise, they help ensure that the special education programs in our partnering schools are streamlined and cost-effective, all while maintaining the highest quality of services. They act as bridges of communication and facilitate collaboration among administrators, teachers, and clinicians by:

  • Overseeing IEP compliance
  • Providing trainings across all school based topics
  • Coordinating service delivery

Each of our partnering districts has a designated Clinical Director who manages day-to-day program operations. This saves administrators time to focus on big-picture tasks.

Pillar One: Clinical Directors​
Pillar Two: Lead Therapists​

Pillar Two: Lead Therapists

With their inside working knowledge of building processes, our Lead Therapists are the key to the seamless integration of PTS’s larger related services team. They’re senior clinicians who:

  • Coordinate referrals
  • Develop informal teacher in-service programs
  • Provide immediate solutions to many day-to-day issues

They work closely with our Clinical Directors to implement strategic goals in our partnering school districts and deploy a cohesively managed program that saves time and enhances programming in the long run.

Pillar Three: Clinical Specialists

School staff and therapists who need help with a particularly difficult case, the development of new programs, or complex evaluations, look to our Clinical Specialists for their expertise. These uniquely skilled experts work closely with PTS Clinical Directors to:

  • Plan in-service programs for therapists
  • Develop targeted, individualized interventions
  • Provide consultation when a student’s complexities require a specialized approach

Overall, our Clinical Specialists help keep our model of service delivery current, safe, and compliant with the latest special education initiatives.

Pillar Three: Clinical Specialists​
Pillar Four: Therapy Team​

Pillar Four: Therapy Team

PTS has a network of over 2,000 pediatric therapists, many of whom continue to engage with us for years and nearly half of our incoming applicants have been referred to us by a current clinician. Therapist and service providers play an important role in supporting teachers, students, and families. They:

  • Carry out treatment plans
  • Conduct assessments and consult with administrators, teachers, and guardians
  • Ensure PTS’s practices are implemented effectively within the related services program

We provide the independent contractors who work alongside us with access to support through our optional School-Based Academy orientation, professional development opportunities, a free resource library, and more.

Experience the Benefits of Our Four Pillars of Management

At PTS, we invest in people. Our Clinical Directors, Lead Therapists, Clinical Specialists, and Therapy Teams all work together to provide high-quality care that’s inclusive and supportive of all students. Contact PTS today to find out how our Four Pillars of Management can support you today!