Behavior Technician Jobs

Are you a Behavior Technician interested in working at a school? By providing direct behavioral health services to primary and secondary students, you can help them achieve their goals and access their education.

Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) is a staffing agency with a network of 2,000 independent contractors who work in our partnering school districts. If you want to advance your career while working in a collaborative, team environment, learn more about our approach to behavioral health and current opportunities below.

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Working as a School Behavior Technician​

Working as a School Behavior Technician

As a school-based Behavior Technician, you support students with a variety of concerns. Some may refuse to go to school or struggle to follow classroom rules and instructions, while others may have difficulty regulating throughout the day.

Using Applied Behavior Analysis best practices, you provide behavioral support for students in both regular and Special Education environments. During a typical week, you might:

  • Participate in IEP meetings.
  • Maintain compliant records.
  • Gather baseline data about students’ behaviors.
  • Help create and implement targeted behavioral interventions.
  • Collaborate with other service providers, teachers, support staff, and administrators.

There are many reasons students may struggle with behavioral issues. By addressing the root cause of each student’s concerning behavior, you can help students make strides more quickly while developing greater capacity.

Our Approach to Behavioral Health & Related Services

We apply an Integrated Systems of Support Model to all types of school-based related services. This consultive approach uses a range of collaborative strategies to integrate and align all interventions and treatment sessions so students can access the benefits of each.

For instance, if a student is struggling with a behavioral health issue along with handwriting skills, a Behavior Technician and an Occupational Therapist can work together to help them succeed.

What are the Benefits of Working as a School-Based COTA Alongside PTS?

PTS is more than your typical staffing agency because we won’t just place you in a school, we’ll go with you. After you begin working as an independent contractor in one of our partnering districts, one of our Clinical Directors will continue to be available. They can provide access to guidance and support should you need it and facilitate communication among school administrators.

Along with that, you will have access to:

What are the Benefits of Working as a School-Based COTA Alongside PTS?​

Work-life Balance as a Independent Contractor

When you engage with us as an independent contractor, you will also have the option to start with part- or full-time hours. You will find your own health insurance and may be able to write off work-related expenses from your taxes, which can result in more take-home pay (PTS always recommends seeking professional help).

Many of the service providers who work alongside us feel they can achieve a healthy work-life balance that works for them—and it shows. Nearly half of all incoming applicants have been referred to us by a current provider, and we have a robust referral program.

Apply for Behavior Technician Jobs in Our Partnering Schools Today

If you think PTS could be the right move for you, we invite you to check out the current opportunities available in our partnering school districts. Contact us with any questions and apply today!