The Capable Classroom™

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we understand the multifaceted challenges school districts face, including increasingly complex student needs, growing caseloads, and budget constraints. As a solution, we created The Capable Classroom™, a suite of classroom-level and small-group interventions. Learn more about the benefits of The Capable Classroom™ today!

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Keep Students in the LRE With The Capable Classroom™

The Capable Classroom™ is a suite of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions that can be introduced at the classroom level. These interventions promote learning through play with mixed groups of typical and non-typical students. All the activities include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, so aides, parent volunteers, and paraprofessionals can implement them, and teachers can focus on other classroom priorities.

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Popular Interventions in The Capable Classroom™ Toolbox

Some of our most popular Capable Classroom™ activities include:

Pencil Power Manual

Pencil Power™ Supplemental Handwriting Instruction Program

Pencil Power™ is a 6-week or 12-week program that keeps handwriting instruction in the general education classroom. Specifically designed for K-2 students, the program and optional board game provide opportunities to practice key pre-writing and writing skills without a therapist.

Super Self manual

Super Self™—Self-Regulation Group

The Super Self™—Self-Regulation Group is an individual or small group experience designed for third-grade students and beyond who need to boost their social skills and self-regulation abilities. At the end of the program, students complete a self-reflective report card.

Sensory Room Manual

Super Self™—Sensory Room

The Super Self™—Sensory Room includes a wide range of therapeutic spaces with specific sensory equipment for self-regulation activities that alleviate sensory processing difficulties. They are for all students who can benefit from either calming or alerting sensory breaks.

Artic Blast Student Book

Artic Blast™ Board Game

Artic Blast™ is a fast-moving, fun, and exciting board game for elementary students who need to practice articulation skills. Up to four players can participate at a time. With every correct pronunciation they make, students climb higher on the mountain.

Artic Blast manual

Artic Blast™ Articulation Group

The Artic Blast™ articulation group is a 6- to 12-week program that’s designed for regular education students in need of extra articulation support for one or more speech sounds, as well as overall intelligibility.

I Know What to Do! Card Game

The I Know What to Do! card game is designed for students struggling with impulsivity who could benefit from social stories or scripts. Throughout the game, students “match” the appropriate responses to a variety of challenging social scenarios.

Power Moves Card Game

The Power Moves card game is a matching game built for K-2 students that can also be modified for other age groups. It gives students a much-needed movement break or “brain break” during which they can strengthen their balance, coordination, and sensory motor skills.

Transform Your School District with The Capable Classroom™

The Capable Classroom™ helps more students in the least restrictive environment while helping your district contain costs. Contact PTS to learn more today!