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Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) is a school-based therapeutic staffing agency that maintains long-term relationships with our partnering school districts and network of independent contractor providers. Our integrated approach helps ensure that every student, therapist, and school administrator get what they need.

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Reduce Referrals

Contain Caseloads

Contain Program Costs

Reduce Overidentification of Students

Increase Efficiency of Therapeutic Services

PTS Acts as an Extension of Your Related Services Program

Typical staffing agencies place therapists in schools and quickly depart. That means there is no one left to facilitate communication and collaboration between clinicians, teachers, and administrators. Ultimately, students lose out on the opportunity to access the services they need and program effectiveness declines.

Our decades of experience have shown us that this approach fails to provide students, providers, or administrators with the resources they need to succeed. So, we take a different route. After placing qualified clinicians in a school, our Clinical Directors continue to oversee the day-to-day program operations and provide clinicians with access to support.

PTS Acts as an Extension of Your Related Services Program​

Integrated Supports and Collaborative Programming

When it comes to delivering school-based therapy and related services, we know that students benefit most when clinicians learn from each other and work together to integrate the support they provide. We facilitate collaboration among the independent contractors who work alongside us, so all students benefit, especially those with complex, interconnected needs.

Reduced Outplacements, Special Education Referrals, and Costs

By carefully assessing and addressing the root cause of each student’s concerns and matching them with the appropriate support, we reduce unnecessary referrals or costly outplacements and contain special education costs, too.

Support More Students Fully With Our Whole-Child Approach & MTSS Model​

Support More Students Fully With Our Whole-Child Approach & MTSS Model

Our Whole-Child Approach to school-based therapy and related services is a philosophy based on the idea that integrating related services is the best way to help students in both special and general education, as well as those with multiple areas of concern.

To bring this approach into the classroom, we apply a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Model to school-based therapy and related services. This data-driven approach to school-based interventions matches students with three tiers of support.

The Whole-Child Approach and MTSS Model work together to improve the overall quality of treatment because fewer students end up on therapy caseloads. That means therapists can spend more time providing services and training teachers to address common concerns at the classroom level.

Our Approach in Action: The Therapeutic EcoSystem™

To implement our various approaches and models, we use an integrated network of Teams, Tools, and Technology that make up what we call The Therapeutic EcoSystem™:

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We place highly qualified school-based clinicians in our partnering schools. Our dedicated leadership team of Lead Therapists, Clinical Specialists, and Clinical Directors provide clinicians with access to support and help oversee program operations.
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Therapists, teachers, and parents have access to our free library filled with the clinician-designed, Capable Classroom™ activities, resources, and interventions.
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Clinicians track their hours using BudgetWatch™ technology. Clinical Directors analyze the data, generate program reports, and make recommendations, so administrators can make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Experience the PTS Approach

Experience the PTS Approach

At PTS, our top priority is maximizing benefits for students, clinicians, teachers, and administrators. Our holistic, comprehensive approach to school-based therapeutic staffing and related services helps ensure everyone gets the support and resources they need. Contact us to learn more about our approach today!