Behavior Specialist Consultant Jobs

Are you passionate about helping students with mental and behavioral health issues succeed in the classroom and beyond? As a Behavior Specialist Consultant, you can play an important role in the lives of students by developing interventions that address the root causes of their concerns.

If you’re interested in working in a school setting, working alongside Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) could help you take the next step in your career. Learn more about engaging with us and our approach to behavioral health and related services below.

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Behavior Specialist Consultant Jobs

Working as a Behavior Specialist Consultant in a School Setting

School-based Behavior Specialist Consultants have master’s degrees or PhDs along with professional certifications and state licensures. In school settings, they work with students living with a wide range of mental health issues, disorders, and disabilities. Specifically, they may work with students who have difficulties following rules or expectations, display disruptive behaviors, or refuse to attend school.

A Typical Day for a Behavior Specialist Consultant

Typically, they serve as the lead clinician on students’ treatment teams and are responsible for observing students, gathering baseline data, and:

  • Designing behavioral treatment plans.
  • Referring to behavioral analysis literature.
  • Communicating and coordinating with students’ guardians and families.
  • Participating in school meetings and maintaining accurate documentation.
  • Instructing paraprofessionals and other support staff how to implement positive behavior support plans.

In addition to analyzing students’ needs and helping create behavioral health plans, Behavior Specialist Consultants may conduct in-service trainings about various behavior patterns and how best to address them. Along with that, Behavior Specialist Consultants in schools help monitor student progress, maintain compliance, and keep accurate records.

Engaging With PTS as a School-Based Behavior Specialist Consultant

At PTS, we apply an Integrated Systems of Support Model in our partnering schools. By integrating all related services, including behavioral health-related interventions, we are better able to address the root causes of each student’s concerns across treatment sessions.

As a Behavior Specialist Consultant working alongside us, you will work with both regular and Special Education departments. Using Applied Behavior Analysis, you will assess and evaluate students and create targeted interventions that address specific behaviors. While working in a collaborative, team-based environment, you will also share your insights and expertise with other service providers, teachers, families, and school administrators.

Engaging With PTS as a School-Based Behavior Specialist Consultant​

Benefits of Working Alongside PTS as a Behavior Specialist Consultant

At PTS, we engage with over 2,000 independent contractor service providers from a range of disciplines. Our Clinical Directors continue to facilitate communication and collaboration among clinicians in each of our partnering schools. They also provide access to support as needed.

When you engage with us, you will also have access to a library of clinician-developed resources and interventions as well as networking opportunities throughout the year and a community Facebook group where you can connect with other professionals.

Apply to Behavior Specialist Consultant Jobs in Your Area Today

Now that you know more about PTS and the opportunities available in our partnering schools, you’re ready to take the next step. Check out the current positions available and apply today! We look forward to hearing from you.