School District Reduced Related Services Costs by 25% While Helping More Students


An Upper Perkiomen School District needed to balance a tightening budget with the therapeutic needs of its students.


By partnering with PTS, the district reduced related services costs by 25% while also improving the supports they offer students on—and off—caseload.
HomeSchool District Reduced Related Services Costs by 25% While Helping More Students

The Details: PTS Helped Stabilize the Budget with Pre-Referral Interventions

Like so many school districts, the Upper Perkiomen School District’s administration assumed that an annual jump in related services costs was inevitable. But as the budget got tighter, the Director of Pupil Services & Special Education decided it was time to explore other options.

In just one year, PTS was able to save the district money and stabilize the budget. We provided a targeted suite of pre-referral interventions around handwriting and sensory processing, helping even more students to improve function without ever being placed on therapy caseload!

The Results: The School District Saved $72,092 in OT Services

PTS’s average cost per student receiving direct Occupational Therapy (OT) service was $538 less than the previous provider. For a district with 134 students on its OT caseload, that amounted to $72,092 in savings, a 25% reduction in related service costs.

Since PTS has one of the lowest rates of turnover in the industry, it was no surprise that in subsequent years, the district’s costs remained controlled, transparent, and tied to investments in specific initiatives.