School District Reduced Occupational Therapy Referrals by 42% with Help from PTS


A Delaware County School District needed a solution to address the sharp increase in handwriting referrals coming from the first and second grade.


PTS used our proprietary software and resources to pinpoint the problem and reduce Occupational Therapy (OT) referrals for handwriting by 42% at the end of a 6-week supplemental handwriting program.
HomeSchool District Reduced Occupational Therapy Referrals by 42% with Help from PTS

The Details: PTS Used BudgetWatch™ Analytics to Identify the Source of the Referrals

When teachers at Delaware County School District reported that nearly half of their students were experiencing significant difficulty with letter formation, PTS used their proprietary BudgetWatch™ software to pinpoint where the problem was coming from.

Through PTS’s Team, Tools, and Technology Approach, we identified the problem quickly and found the:

  • Exact source of increases in referrals.
  • Specific students impacted.
  • Perfect solution to level the playing field.

We implemented PTS’s proprietary program Pencil Power™ in small groups right away. This intensive program was ideally targeted to students who required additional supports without an OT evaluation. This kept handwriting in the realm of regular education, where it belongs.

The Results: OT Handwriting Referrals Dropped by 42% After 6-Week Pencil Power™ Program

At the end of the Pencil Power™ 6-week, supplemental handwriting instruction program, the school district saw a 42% drop in OT referrals.