Social Worker

Do you feel passionate about advocating for students? As a social worker working in a school setting, you act as a vital bridge for students between their school and home environments. Here at Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we provide personalized placements for social workers in our partnering school districts.

After we place in you a school, we don’t just depart; we go with you so that you have access to support when you need it. Learn more about partnering with PTS as an independent contractor and finding current social work opportunities in your area!

Social Workers

The Multi-Faceted Role of School-Based Social Workers

Students have an increasing need for social-emotional and academic support. All of these areas must be addressed for each child to access their education and achieve their full potential. To meet these needs, school-based social workers wear many hats throughout the day. They frequently act as the following for the students they serve:

  • Mediators
  • Advocates
  • Coordinators
  • Case managers
  • Mental health counselors

School-based social workers help alleviate stress, provide anger management support, and facilitate conflict resolution. In some cases, they also build and maintain social or developmental histories for specific students so that they can provide the best, most personalized care possible.

PTS Social Workers Enjoy Collaboration in the School Environment

As a social worker, you know that even when students get the right support, they may continue to struggle if their interventions are done separately, rather than together. We use an Integrated Systems of Support Model, which includes collaboration among service providers and multi-disciplinary training for teachers.

By integrating strategies across disciplines and treatment sessions by using this consultative model, students get what they need to achieve their goals. This approach benefits children with multiple areas of concern, along with the entire class.

When you partner with PTS as an independent contractor, you will become part of a thriving and ever-growing network of passionate, like-minded clinicians. Just as we develop long-lasting relationships with our partnering school districts, we take the time to help you find the right fit and facilitate collaboration once you get there.

Working as an Independent Contractor Alongside PTS

Working as an Independent Contractor Alongside PTS

For over 25 years, we’ve engaged with school-based therapists, including social workers, who love what they do and enjoy partnering as independent contractors with PTS. The numbers speak for themselves: nearly half of all our incoming applicants have been referred to us by a current therapist, and we have a robust referral program.

Social workers who engage with PTS also benefit from:

  • Easy billing and compliance tracking via our BudgetWatch™ technology
  • Access to support and guidance from PTS Clinical Directors when needed
  • Free resource library filled with therapist-developed interventions and resources
  • Available PTS School Based Academy for new service providers to learn the ins and outs of school-based therapy (writing IEPs, maintaining compliance, managing a caseload, etc.)

As an independent contractor, you will have the option to choose a part- or full-time schedule, so you can determine the work-life balance that suits you best. Along with that, you will find your own healthcare and choose the plan that fits your or you family’s needs.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to write off work-related deductions on your taxes (PTS always recommends doing this with the help of a professional).

Social Work as an Independent Contractor

Are There School-Based Social Worker Jobs near Me?

The demand for special education and related services is increasing, including the demand for social work services in schools. When you work with PTS, you’ll have ongoing support when you need it.

Check out the current opportunities in your area and contact us to find out more about the positions we have available within our partnering school districts!