Licensed Clinical Mental Health Professional Jobs

When students’ mental health needs go unmet, they face compounding challenges that impact their ability to learn and access their education. Licensed Certified Mental Health Professionals (LCMHPs) step in to provide students with instruction, appraisal, advisement, short-term counseling, referral services, and more.

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we provide personalized placements for LCMHPs in our partnering schools. We also offer access to support, ongoing career development opportunities, therapist-designed resources, and a collaborative work environment. If this sounds appealing, learn more below!

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Multi-Disciplinary, Integrated Model to Mental Health Services​

Multi-Disciplinary, Integrated Model to Mental Health Services

As an LCMHP, you know how important it is to address the root cause of each student’s concern so that they can fully engage with their curriculum. One of the best ways to do this is by applying an Integrated Systems of Support Model to related services, which we support in our partnering schools.

Integrated Systems of Support Approach to Therapy & Related Services

This consultative model is based on the understanding that students benefit most when their interventions are aligned. It involves integrating interventions across all therapy sessions and related services as well as providing multi-disciplinary training for teachers.

In this context, the LCMHPs who engage with us often lead trainings for teachers, school staff, administrators, and even fellow clinicians on best practices for supporting students’ mental health needs.

Students Move Through a Continuum of Support

Additionally, as students move through their education and interventions, the support the need changes. This might look like increasing the intensity and individualization of mental health support during times of crisis or transitioning to encourage capacity, not dependency.

Students Move Through a Continuum of Support​
How PTS Provides School-Based LCMHPs with Access to Support​

How PTS Provides School-Based LCMHPs with Access to Support

You want to support your students to the best of your ability, and we can help. As an independent contractor working alongside PTS, you will have access to support from a PTS Clinical Director as needed, along with:

  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Personalized school placement to ensure a good fit
  • Free virtual lending library of evaluation materials and other resource materials
  • Opportunity to attend optional School-Based Academy orientation for new therapists

When you engage with PTS, you can also network with fellow school-based therapists through our community Facebook group.

Robust Referral Bonus Program

As a result of our supportive, collaborative, and team-based culture, we are proud to say that nearly half of our incoming contractors have been referred to us by current therapists. We also have a robust Referral Bonus Program!

Robust Referral Bonus Program​

Reasons School-Based Clinicians Like Working as Independent Contractors

For over two and a half decades, we have seen school-based clinicians thrive as independent contractors. While working alongside PTS, you will choose between a part- or full-time schedule, which can help you determine the work-life balance that works best for you. You also will find your own healthcare plan that suits your or your family’s needs.

Along with that, you will have the opportunity to write off work-related deductions on your taxes, which can result in greater take-home pay. We recommend doing this with the help of a professional.

Find Your Perfect School-Based LCMHP Position Working Alongside PTS

Your training and skills have never been needed more. At PTS, we want to offer you access to support throughout your career as an LCMHP.

Our approach has helped improve long-term success for clinicians, our partnering districts, and students for over 25 years. To maximize your impact and advance your career, start searching through current opportunities, or contact us today!